Effortlessly manage all your locations with Insights

Insights provides all the tools you need to manage multiple locations at once. View live transactions and manage inventory conveniently all in one app. 

Tailor your inventory with tags and categories

Optimize inventory by allocating tags and creating categories that help you efficiently track and manage stock. With more accurate inventory tracking, you can grow sales more effectively. 

Set price zones and organize your pricebook

Organize your price book with the ability to set price zones. Easily set regional prices and adjust your price book with automatic price syncing. 

Simplify price management with intuitive software

Experience intuitive software that is user-friendly for all price management. Set prices in your price book that automatically sync to connected devices for all locations. 

Modify and change items in logs

Modify item changes directly in logs for accurate inventory. Modified items are easily reviewed and adjusted when needed. 

Manage your business in one place

Streamline business management with the ability to access more aspects of your business in one place. View live transactions, update inventory, or personalize promotional deals within one customizable app. 

Grant permissions to allocate specific roles 

Review roles in our detailed permission section. Allocate control over granular actions to provide direct access for employees to get tasks done.  

Receive comprehensive insights for all locations 

Comprehensive insights allows for accurate data to be reviewed and acted upon to grow sales. Manage more sales and optimize for growth with all locational aspects at your fingertips.