Serve customers from any connected device

Experience a comprehensive point-of-sale solution that is easily accessed on our POS system or mobile app. Serve customers with better flexibility and efficiency from any connected device. 
Screen displaying Modisoft full service restaurant mPOS system.
A fast-food restaurant employee is holding a tablet.

Update your menu within minutes

Modisoft POS enables you to seamlessly switch between front of house and back office. You can easily update your menu and add item notes, all through one dashboard.

Streamline your order management with Modisoft Point of Sale

Manage your orders conveniently by getting access to every tool in one dashboard. Modisoft POS enables fast food restaurants to speed up their order management process by giving them the tools they need to efficiently conduct their business.
Screen displaying Modisoft table management system interface.
Screen displaying Modisoft orders page interface.

Give more options for online orders

Give customers more options for online orders across delivery, pick up, drive thru, curbside, pump side, and more. With direct access to your fast food locations, customers can order and receive their food faster. 
Screen displaying Modisoft POS main dashboard interface.

Manage everything in one POS

Organize inventory, track promotions, create loyalty campaigns, and much more with Modisoft Point of Sale. Modisoft POS gives you the confidence needed for your customers.

Track your Inventory & receive real-time delivery updates

Monitor your inventory by tracking orders and receiving real-time delivery updates. Modisoft POS helps you manage all your orders with the click of a button.
Tray carrying a beef burger and fries.
Screen displaying Modisoft add item page interface.

Customizable options for easy add-ons

Modisoft POS system gives you customizable options to help your customers easily add toppings they love. By providing more options for your customers you can easily increase revenue and maximize profits.

Never miss important details by adding notes on customer orders

Order notes can remind you or your team of customer requirements, food allergies, and dietary restrictions.
A chef of a fast-food restaurant is preparing a burger.

Manage your fast food restaurants with Modisoft’s multi-location solution


Customize menus within one user-friendly POS interface that gives you access to updated data from Insights to adapt menu items.


Analyze operations with a wide range of reporting options within a convenient point-of-sale system that handles it all.


Streamline tasks with more efficiency in a system designed to assist with your inventory count and daily fast food operations.

An employee wearing an apron is holding a tablet.

Accept more payment options from customers

Credit/debit terminal

Accept credit and debit payments with the ability to view transactions directly from your POS system or mobile app. 
A customer is providing his card to an employee who is holding a credit/debit terminal for the transaction.

Scan to pay

Allow for customers to easily scan QR codes for faster payments from their phone. 
The customer is scanning the QR code displayed on the mobile of the employee.

Email payment

Give the ability for customers to pay through email for assurance on purchases. 
A female Customer sitting in her home is using a laptop and holding a card to make online payments.

Android pay

Let customers utilize Android Pay for quick and easy payments. 
A female customer sitting in the restaurant is making payment by holding a smartphone over the payment terminal

Apple pay

Make payments more convenient with Apple Pay options that are fast and reliable.
A woman sitting in the restaurant is holding a smartphone over the payment terminal to make the payment.
Screen displaying Modisoft receipt setup Interface.

Create receipts that show the details you want

Modisoft POS gives you the flexibility to customize your receipts in your own style. You get the option to customize the appearance of your customer-facing receipts from the online Modisoft dashboard.

Modify your orders with an intuitive screen layout

Speed up your process by quickly entering and modifying orders through Modisoft screen layouts. Modisoft POS is designed to make your order management easy and convenient.
Chef preparing burger patties in the fast-food restaurant kitchen.
Mobile screen displaying Modisoft fast food POS app interface.

Set up processes in seconds with an all-in-one platform

Modisoft gives you the flexibility to manage everything from one convenient app. You can easily set up processes, manage orders, and track sales all through one application.

Grow your fast food location with a customized loyalty app

Get a customized loyalty app designed to grow your fast food locations. Give your customers more reasons to order by running promotional campaigns, rewards, and coupons, all with your brand voice.
Three mobile screens displaying restaurant pages in the Modisoft Cartzie app interface.
Mobile screen displaying Modisoft fast food product inventory app interface.

Sync inventory levels across multiple locations

Automatically sync inventory levels across your fast food locations. Stay up to date on your inventory levels to prevent low stock or purchase order errors.