Integrate tips easily for all customer order payments

Integrate tips in the process for order payments from all customers. Provide multiple options or allow customers to customize their tips.

Save more time by pooling tips together directly from our POS

Pool tips together directly from POS that connects automatically to payroll. Integrated tips ensures accurate allocation to all employees.

Create priorities for employee tips

Easily create priorities for employee tips from one dashboard. Priorities for tips helps employees receive more for their efforts.

Accurately transfer tips to paychecks for less stress during payment periods

Transfer tips to paychecks with less stress and provide accurate information for each payment period. Easily automate tips without hassle with direct syncing to payroll.

Give customers multiple tip options when an order is placed

Give customers more opportunity to tip employees with multiple percentage choices or a customizable option. More options ensure customer payment flexibility for all orders.

Customize tip rules to match your specific employee needs

Customize tip rules from anywhere to match specific employee needs. Set specific options for different bar locations based on region or price adjustments.

Directly sync pooled tips in real-time to minimize payroll errors 

Sync pooled tips to minimize errors that are common issues in payroll. With direct syncing, you can avoid error-prone steps each pay period.

Generate detailed reports for employees to view accurate tip information

Generate detailed reports for all employees. Accurate tip information for each payment period creates accountability for all reporting needs.

Simplify tip reporting to improve trust with your employees

Develop more trust with your employees with simplified processes for all tip reporting. Create straightforward reports that give employees clearer communication for tip allocation.

Automate tip-pooling without the use of spreadsheets for a simplified closeout process

Automate tip pooling without the use of spreadsheets. A simplified closeout process gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your bar locations.

Distribute tips for all job types directly within the POS

Distribute tips for all job types conveniently within one POS system. With access from any connected device, you can track tip allocation for multiple employees across job types and locations. 

Get full flexibility for tip pooling without limits on the number of set rules

Get full flexibility for all tip pooling for multiple locations. Without limits on the number of set rules, you can run your bar locations with efficiency.

Manage cash and credit card tips with automatic updates that reflect in payroll

Manage cash and credit card tips on mPOS or in one POS system that syncs in real-time. Tips are automatically updated and reflect in payroll without manual input.

Add tipping to the customer experience with customized options for faster checkout times

Customize tipping options for all payments. By adding tipping to the customer experience, you can offer faster checkout times and higher customer retention.