Set up your online ordering system with ease

Streamline your order process with Modisoft online ordering system. Modisoft online ordering software simplifies your order management by giving you more control to manage and track orders.
grocery store online ordering by Modisoft

Simplify online ordering with direct options

Uphold margins by giving access to online ordering directly from your store. Without the middle-man, you can manage orders, offer deals, and deliver items directly to your customer. 

Experience a checkout process made for all payment types

Checkout has never been easier with a checkout process that allows for all payment types. Give your customers the ability to tap, scan, email payments, or utilize a credit/debit terminal, Android pay, Apple pay, or mobile options. 

Increase revenue while still protecting your bottom line 

With greater access to online ordering options that are direct to your store, you can create a variety of customizable options designed to increase your revenue. Drive sales with special deals and simplify the ordering process with secure payments. 

Provide special offers for customers to drive sales

Scan and Go

Give customers the ability to scan items directly onto the Cartzie app to check their purchases and make payments. 


Customers can receive direct deliveries from your location, taking away the need for third-party deliveries and extra fees. 


Curbside pick up makes it easy for customers to receive their orders without having to leave the comfort of their car. 

Power your store by getting a customized loyalty app

Design and launch a loyalty app to win the hearts of your customers. With Modisoft customized loyalty app you can enhance customer relationships with rewards, promotions, and insights.