Monitor tabs in real-time from any location for sales data

See an overview of sales data in real-time and monitor tabs for all transactions. Easily track the latest trends and update promotional deals based on an accurate view of all data. 
iMac screen is displaying the Modisoft smoke shop POS live transaction chart.

Review live transactions 

Quickly review transactions in real-time to assess sales. With more tracking at your fingertips, you can ensure your locations are on track. 

View transactions throughout the day

Screen displaying Modisoft hourly-based sales chart interface.

Stay organized with one convenient dashboard

Organize tasks and manage reports in one convenient dashboard. Without the need for multiple modules or apps, you can keep an accurate record of all activity. 

Combine modules in one place for seamless workflows

Manage all modules in one dashboard and quickly switch from back office to front-end tasks. Seamless workflows assists on daily tasks, which gives you more time to focus on the customer experience. 
Screen displaying Modisoft live transaction dashboard interface.
Modisoft Sales Dashboard Interface

Get valuable insights with updated sales data

Learn valuable insights from updated sales data that invites more business growth. Accurately track sales and develop reports that inform how to streamline all services for maximum efficiency. 

Receive a clear overview of financials

Receive a clear financial overview that provides insights into competition and sales information. View live transactions and connect payroll for all tasks in one simplified platform.