Reach more customers with digital advertising

Offer deals for loyalty, coupons, punch cards and more

Cartzie gives you direct access to expand your reach for loyalty programs, coupon offerings, punch cards, and more! Create new deals that attract new and existing customers from the convenience of one app. 

Access cloud-based reporting

Cloud based reports make it easy to check on deal performance and highlight upcoming promotions. With the ability to adapt to real-time data, you can maintain campaigns that invite more traffic and recognition. 

Increase your revenue with specials

Highlight customer favorites or create new specials that are easily adapted within Cartzie. Grow your revenue by advertising deals directly to customers to stay competitive and give incentives to visit your store.

Boost sales with customer deals

Customers are able to view the latest deals and access coupons from anywhere. Access to savings invites more customers to return, which boosts revenue to your store. 

View customer insights and offer rewards

Track customer purchases and offer rewards based on buying habits or the latest promotional deals. With customizable rewards earned and redeemed, you can offer a unique shopping experience. 

Provide special offers for customers to drive sales


Create new combos to bring more benefit to customers. New promotions for combo deals can build greater brand awareness, as well as an extra boost to sales. 


Deliver ongoing campaigns for unique promotions. Customers are able to browse specific deals, or have deals relevant to purchasing trends sent directly to them. 

Item-specific discounts

Provide item-specific discounts across high-demand products to deliver deals that customers love. Extra discounts for trending items helps expand product category sales specific to your store. 

Share a mobile friendly customer experience

Bring advanced technology to your services with a mobile friendly experience. Customers can access their favorites, schedule ahead of time, or reorder items all from one convenient app. 

Give direct access to earn and redeem rewards

Create customizable loyalty programs to match customer needs