Modisoft Partners with Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Modisoft, soon to be partnering with a lot more Fortune 500 companies, is pleased to announce its partnership with Gilbarco Veeder-root, a retail fuel industry leader in cutting-edge solutions that are optimized for the c-store environment. Both the companies have decided to compact their vitality to supply premier info services to their consumers all around the world. With this, their relationship will be enhanced and Modisoft will be allowed to integrate Gilbarco’s loyalty program in her point-of-sales (POS) services.

Entity: Advancement Of Business Heightening:

Modisoft, the most reputable and fast-growing company, is all excited to enter into this definite agreement for an extended alliance with Gilbarco. With the successful partnership with Gilbarco Veeder-root, Modisoft will now be able to supply services at lower packages. Modisoft has always been a leading expert at providing hands-on services to its consumers. With this partnership, Modisoft will now be able to facilitate its customers by providing a powerful Back Office system, that helps users take control of every facet of their business, from reports, inventory, pricebook management and much more, offering a cost-effective flex pay system with the easiest EMV upgrade.

A plethora of companies across the globe are currently using Gilbarco’s point-of-sale (POS). As such, Modisoft’s loyalty program will surely receive a boost because the partnership will give room for integration of Modisofts’ back office and loyalty program with Gilbarco’s POS. With this, Modisoft’s loyalty rewards program will be extended across a plethora of its clients currently using the POS service. These clients include retail stores, gas and C stores. We will be engaging customers at fuel stations for installing applause media and TV and play at pump service. All the services will be highly effective for consumers and will enlarge customer traffic to the company.

About Modisoft:

Modisoft deals on point sales hardware and software. We focus on delivering flawless services to retail businesses. With us, hotels, gas stations, food trucks, and grocery stores can become smarter and more proactive in their deliveries. We have served for over a decade. We have new providing excellent solutions for sales management, back office operations, financial reporting, inventory document, sale management, lottery management, etc. Our team is our greatest asset. They offer constant support and satisfaction to our customers, round the clock, to ensure their needs are met.

About Gilbarco Veeder-root:

Gilbarco Veeder-root is a retail fuel industry-leading cutting edge solution that is optimized for c store environment. They claim to facilitate their consumer, whoever they are and wherever they are. Their system solutions are designed and tested to perform together to bring the lowest cost of ownership and best possible incorporation. Gilbarco has been manufacturing the best fuel and convenience store equipment in the world since 1865. Their products are all efficient, approved, and tested, providing the best quality fuel stations such as encore 700 to have the ultimate surety about the fuel dispensers. They also provide the best security on the fuel island with their forecourt payment system. Applications including across TV and applause are also available at their stations to drive more traffic into the c-store. So, speed is necessary to have convenience, and we are here to provide the speed.

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