How Brand Loyalty Can Make a Difference For Your Business


There seemingly is an endless amount of channels that customers are able to find the ideal gift. One aspect that technology can help with when it comes to customers finding the right item, is the ability to show them their past purchases. This is where a brand loyalist really becomes committed to your business.

For many businesses, their stores have been affected by the pandemic and the change in the worldwide economy. Brand loyalty has become even more vital for businesses, as customers are more particular where they put their hard earned dollars.

Global Data showed in a survey that over 61% of consumers in the United States were only buying from brands they like in 2020. The results reveal how there is opportunity to drive revenue through innovative digital products that track purchasing behavior. By knowing how your consumers love to shop, you are able to optimize your marketing strategy through digital products that enhance user experience and drive more sales towards your business.


Brand Loyalists and What They Want

Brand loyalists are customers that come back again, and again because they enjoy the products and services you have to offer. Repeat customers who visit online stores convert 9x more than the average first-time shopper to your store.

Brand loyalists are also unique because they value the quality experience of your business and start referring your brand to friends, family, and other acquantaintances. Loyalists choose trusted products they are familiar with far more than purchasing a risky item online that may not turn out how they expected. Forbes reported that brand loyalty is one of the top ways to reach new leads and expand a customer base, but there are a few steps to put in place to secure long-term loyalty.

Reward Insiders

Repeat consumers enjoy sharing your brand across social media, and often promote it to their own followers. With dedication to your brand, they often can help with public relation issues by coming to defend your business if there are rumors or skeptics that are causing issues for social media profiles or general publicity.

Brand loyalty gives your brand a stronger reputation, and it helps to reward their help with personal touches, rewards, and providing value in your products or services.


Be a Merchant With Integrity

Part of supporting your brand loyalists is being a merchant who is able to offer the best value for price in your industry. Repeat consumers are devoted once you earn their trust. With purchasing power in just one click, it is better to offer the best deal possible and know what competitive pricing is out there in your particular industry.


Go Above and Beyond

Be creative in how you can show up for your customers in a more impactful way. Whether that is offering loyalty reward programs, or giving discounts for the next purchase, loyalists are more committed when it feels like your brand has their best interests in mind.

According to a national survey on shopper attitudes, only 52% of customers will want to join a loyalty program, but by offering points that can add up over time, it may incentivise more customers to continually return.


Be #1 in Customer Service

Part of brand loyalty is the customer service you provide for customers. If you are regularly creating processes that make the shopping process easy with customer service representatives that hold the integrity of the brand, then you are more likely able to calmly problem solve whena a problem or question arises.

By using chat bots, messenger apps, or calls, you are able to automate your services to improve customer experience and answer questions quickly without issue.


Be Transparent

Transparency looks different for each brand. In many cases, customers simply want to feel like they know you. It is more than just having a well written “About Us” page. It is about building a connection over time through social media, high-quality service, and valuable products.

Customers who feel connected to a brand spend twice as much as those who do not feel connected. It is important to connect your brand with a story that customers can gain valuable insight into who you are as a company and what you have to offer.


Keep Up With Your Channels

Doing market research before launching can go a long way when it comes to knowing what channels you should use for your brand. Loyalists enjoy being a part of an exclusive list where they learn new insights and have access to sales early. Using an automated email marketing strategy can particularly help with this, and can be further utilized across social media and other communication channels.

Valassis researchers revealed that during the holiday season, 73% of customers purchase from the same brand because they have felt connected to the brand during the year. By keeping customers interested, you are able to expand sales and your regular customer base.


Encourage Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty may look different depending on the products or services you offer, but there are a few things to consider when building customer loyalty.

  • Create a loyalty rewards program with discounts, exclusive updates, and insider tips
  • Leverages sales across deals and specials
  • Ensure customer service is a top priority across in-store and online digital sales
  • Share brand stories to build trust and connection
  • Create thank you posts, shoutouts, or emails to those who continually support your brand
  • Remind customers how important they are during uncertain times in your business

It has been a challenging couple of years for many businesses, but brand loyalists are willing to stick it through to support a company they believe in. By focusing more on repeat customers, you are more likely to increase sales and gain new customers along the way. Whether you are building a foundation of online customers or in-store loyalty, there are multiple ways to grow your business with brand loyalty this year for customer retention.




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