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A Poor POS System is a Bad Recipe for Full-Service Restaurants

84% of restaurants label their Point of Sale (POS) system as one of their most important technologies. The truth is that just having any POS system is not enough for today’s fast-paced restaurants. The wrong one can lead to a host of problems and inefficiencies.   But really, what is the risk of a poor

Managing Holiday Restaurant Scheduling and Staffing Issues

It’s no secret that the COVID lockdowns had a detrimental effect on several industries. Among the hardest hit was the restaurant industry. CNBC reported in September that restaurants were experiencing worse working conditions than before the pandemic. These problems can make employee scheduling feel impossible for many managers. And as the holidays approach, the problem only worsens.

5 Tips to Effectively Managing a Restaurant

Running a restaurant is not an easy business. Currently, the restaurant industry is still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns. New restaurants and dining establishments face regulations and expectations that older competitors never did.    However, managing a restaurant isn’t impossible. All you need are a few tips to set you in the

Streamline Takeout and Delivery With Menu Options That Meet Customer Needs

  A recent survey found that 52% of individuals feel unsafe dining inside, which has increased the need for takeout and delivery options. With many areas still utilizing social distancing measures due to the pandemic, adapting your restaurant’s food and drink offerings makes it more accessible for those who are looking for takeout food to

Manage Online Ordering Better With a Successful Marketing Initiative

  Online food ordering has become increasingly more popular, particulalry for contactless delivery. With the global pandemic changing how businesses operate, nearly 66% of those in the United States stated that they ordered takeout or delivery for dinner within the week. Many consumers want direct ordering from the restaurant, rather than having to go through

Ready To Manage Your Own Business? Check Out These Steps

  Starting your own restaurant can feel like a daunting and exciting process all at once. In this guide, you’ll learn the checklist you should consider before opening your doors and how to manage your business as you get started.   Steps to Get You Started   Create a Business Plan A business plan should

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