Manage Online Ordering Better With a Successful Marketing Initiative


Online food ordering has become increasingly more popular, particulalry for contactless delivery. With the global pandemic changing how businesses operate, nearly 66% of those in the United States stated that they ordered takeout or delivery for dinner within the week. Many consumers want direct ordering from the restaurant, rather than having to go through a delivery service.

With the pressure to adapt to online ordering even more, restaurants are having to look at more clear avenues for online ordering and marketing their business. If you are wondering how to attract more traffic towards your online ordering system, here are a few approaches you can take to reach new customers.


1. List Your Restaurant In a Local Directory

While having a website is one aspect that can help, it also helps to create profiles of your location on platforms like Yelp and Google. The more local exposure you have when consumers go to search for a new place, the better. Make sure to claim your listing on Google to verify the location, time, and dishes offered.


2. Conduct a Keyword Search

Using keywords is important when it comes to being discovered by new customers. Implementing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques into your website and listings can help you rank higher in search results. Keywords can be used across blogs, page titles, captions, URLs, and in images used to improve results. The more you utilize SEO techniques, the more you can refine your marketing strategy moving forward.


3. Create a Social Media Presence

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest, are all platforms that can be utilized for a restaurant setting. Having social profiles helps engage customers further, share exclusive deals, and keep a record of exciting events or limited-time-only dishes. Consider doing a poll or contest online with prizes to expand your reach, or show updates to the online menu. The more you create a strong online presence, the more customers are aware of what you have to offer.


4. Set Aside a Budget For Ads

If you are a new business, it can be incredibly challenging to grow your audience organically. Set aside a budget for targeted ads that help you establish your channels and understand your target market better. Small ad campaigns can help you adjust menu items, how the items are placed on the online menu, and what customers are looking for. Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram are all platforms that can have targeted ads utilized for the benefit of your business.


5. Optimize Platform for Mobile

79% of consumers order through a mobile device, which means your restaurant website and online ordering system should be adaptable to mobile and not just fitted for a desktop screen. Make sure to use a mobile friendly ordering system and ensure your menu is set up in a clear and organized way for customers to browse and make a choice on a smaller screen.


6. Add a Newsletter For Customer Engagement

Email marketing is one of the main ways businesses can continually engage with their customer base. It is estimated that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you receive $42 in return. By having an easy sign up process for your newsletter, customers are able to have early access to deals and know about upcoming promotions.


7. Set Up a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program gives your customers more reason to return again and again to your restaurant. Loyalty programs can include keeping track of points, giving redeemable vouchers, or giving exclusive access to deals and special promotions. By engaging customers through points, you ensure they have more incentive to come back or bring friends with them next time.


8. Respond to Reviews

Reviews make a difference when it comes to engaging customers. Keep an eye out for new reviews across social media platforms and respond quickly to any negative or positive feedback. Engaging with your customers on a regular basis shows how much you care about their satisfaction and the reputation of your business.


9. Create High-Quality Media

A good picture can go a long way when it comes to customers choosing a meal. By hiring a professional to take high-quality photos, you can use the photos across online ordering, social media channels, and create behind-the-scenes footage for customers to feel like they have a backstage pass to the heart of your business. With a few steps in place, you can increase online orders with high-quality content, images, and service with a digital platform that works in tandem with your business model.


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