Modisoft announce new alliances for growth initiatives

Modisoft has officially announced its new business alliance with HP. The partnership with HP is part of our resolve to expand our working capacity to add more value to our customers. Being a highly innovative brand, we are now a partner with HP to meet our customers’ hardware demands. We are very excited about this, and we anticipate an excellent continuous partnership with HP.

Customer-centric partnership for better business results

HP is a reliable company, and this partnership will help us take bold steps in providing quality customer service. Our partnership with them will offer a great sigh of relief and an answer to the yearnings of our customers.

A giant alliance…A quick fix for deliverables

HP has proven itself as a valuable partner in the past year. HP is partnering with us by allowing us to sell HP hardware at a lower price and more affordable cost to our customers. We believe that this will help us grow within the industry and provide customers with exactly what they need.

With this new alliance with HP, Modisoft can now offer products or services at lower cost, sell top-tier POS hardware to our customers and fulfill their hardware demands. Along with that, we have the option to create customer loyalty in regards to feedbacks and money-back mechanisms, etc.

Something to watch out for is the potential growth of our customer base. We have partnered with some big companies, and they are looking to become partners themselves. This means that we will be partnering with a lot more Fortune 500 companies soon, which provide us with the resources we need to grow as well as our clients!

Through our partnership with HP, they have become an exclusive product partner in exchange for providing them with some of our innovations. With all these amazing features and benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever went without Modisoft before now!

About Modisoft

Modisoft deals on Point of Sales hardware and software. We focus on delivering flawless services to retail businesses. With us, Hotels, Gas stations, Food trucks, Grocery stores, etc., can become smarter and more proactive in their deliveries.

We have served for over a decade. We have been providing excellent solutions for sales management, Back office operations, financial reporting, inventory documentation, sales management, lottery management, etc. Our team is our greatest asset! They offer constant support and satisfaction to our customers, as they work round-the-clock to ensure their needs are met.

About HP

Hewlett Packard, commonly known as HP, is a hardware manufacturing giant based in the United States. HP has a vibrant history and has contributed a lot to the ongoing global digital revolution. HP does not rely on a singular product as they have a long list of products. HP is a leading manufacturer of tablets, Computers, Phones, Printers, accessories, Laptops, etc.

Their products offering is customer-centric and well-tailored towards meeting the needs of individuals, small and large-scale businesses. HP currently operates at the Zenith of hardware and software manufacturing.

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