Modisoft Announces Partnership with Star Micronics

Modisoft, a POS hardware, and software company and Star Micronics have signed a deal. Modisoft officially strikes a new lucrative deal with printer manufacturing giants, Star Micronics. The partnership with the Japanese multinational company will help Modisoft broaden its product line and ensure providing quality POS printing solutions to our customers worldwide.

Modisoft, today made this announcement about its partnership deal with Star Micronics. This initiative will help Modisoft exchange great ideas and grow together. Indeed, they will be able to attract more customers, as Modisoft wishes to expand globally and need result-oriented innovations. Star Micronics has vast experience in the global market and is known as an innovative and leading company around the globe.

A partnership for innovations

According to the chief executive, Modisoft needs more innovative ideas to attract more customers globally. Star Micronics is leading the industry for their innovative launches. “We are very excited to work with Star Micronics, an innovative and leading company,” – Chief Executive. Star Micronics has introduced several new products in the market. With the help of Star Micronics, Modisoft will serve its customers more effectively. Modisoft customers will enjoy more innovative products in the future.

Modisoft is a great partner, and this partnership exemplifies their dedication to grow their business and satisfy their customers. This partnership underscores our commitment to exchange beneficial ideas and experiences.

Printing a new era

We are blessed to add another tech giant to our ever-growing list of business alliances. With Star Micronics, our objective is to offer their printers at affordable prices across our retail stores worldwide. Our customers will get access to POS hardware and software solutions provided by Star Micronics, and we will be able to market our POS solutions through their supply chain network. Our goal is to dominate the Asian market and this partnership will allow Modisoft to expand its global reach. Our agreement also states that we will be sharing extensive knowledge between our R&D teams to establish a bond and continuously collaborate on finding new marketing strategies.

About Modisoft

Founded in 2005 by Sohail Modi, Modisoft provides innovative POS hardware and software solutions to our clients. We aim to ensure retail businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, food trucks, etc. are equipped with the finest integrated solutions to make their business processes smooth. Our wide variety of solutions includes Back Office Operations, Inventory and Sales Management, Financial Reporting, Fuel Sales Management and much more. We strive towards business excellence with our team and assure our clients receive the best POS solutions which will assist them in closing the gap in their service delivery.

Modisoft has been serving its customers with its software and hardware solutions for 16 years and are always determined to meet the needs of our clients globally. Our advanced solutions are easy to deploy in many retail businesses like Food trucks, CNG stations, Hotels, etc. We are also providing one window solution to our clients to maximize their benefits by investing in a system. We are always leading smart businesses and offering rich solutions to our customers.

 About Star Micronics

Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan. Star Micronics is one of the largest multinational companies when it comes to printer manufacturing and provision of other POS solutions in the world. They have expertise in manufacturing technological components and producing their collection of printers for over 30 years. Star Micronics offers a wide variety of POS printing solutions that can assist many retail and hospitality outlets in the world. They offer services worldwide across Europe, America, the MENA region, India, and other Asian countries, and continue to provide optimal printing solutions.

Star Micronics is the world’s largest POS solution provider; they have been producing elite printers for many years. Their printers are highly reliable and this underlines their strength.

Star Micronics facilitates the world with its products, including the latest factory automation and computer integrated solutions. It ensures high efficiency and viable prices on their products.

Star Micronics has also launched audio products useful in application with automotive, medical instrumentations, alarms or in general industrial hardware, etc.

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