Rebate Edge

Rebate Edge offers you the opportunity to receive cashback on purchases you are already making for your business.

Earn extra profits at no additional cost.

Gain access to


Manufacturer Partners


Eligible SKUs


Locations Nationally

Why Rebate Edge is perfect for you

No Additional Cost

Rebate Edge is already included in your plan – enroll and start earning today! 

Diverse Product Offering

Modisoft’s Rebate Edge gives you access to their network of 165K+ SKUs across the nation’s largest foodservice manufacturers.

Increase Profits

Earn cashback on eligible foodservice items that are necessary to conduct your business, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your bottom line.

Easy to Enroll

By enrolling in Rebate Edge, you can start earning cashback
on your purchases in just a few clicks!

Decades of Experience 

Modisoft has decades of experience putting money back into business owner’s pockets. With Rebate Edge, they will
continue to do the same for you.

Largest manufacturers offering rebates 

Alongside countless others…


Rebate Edge is free to enroll for Modisoft clients. Simply speak with a Modisoft representative and enroll online today to start earning rebates on your foodservice purchases.

Rebate Edge is perfect for any business that regularly purchases food service items. From actual food items like chicken and spices to disposable items such as forks, spoons, and knives. Speak with a Modisoft representative to find out how Rebate Edge can put money back in your pocket.

Rebate values range across different manufacturers, and the exact earnings can vary. Rest assured that with access to over 350 of the nation’s largest foodservice manufacturers, Rebate Edge will be sure to benefit your business’s bottom line.

Once enrolled in Rebate Edge, you simply connect your vendor information to your online portal and seamlessly start earning rebates on qualifying foodservice purchases.