Let customers tip your employees

Modisoft Tips Management System allows you to easily integrate tips with clear options for customers. You can easily manage, track, and keep records of the tips given by your customers.
tip management by Modisoft

Easily pool tips with employee payroll

Modisoft tip management system software allows you to easily pool tips with employee payroll. You can pool tips together for payroll directly with our POS system.

Set up priorities on tips for employees

Transfer tips to your employees' paychecks easily & accurately

Modisoft’s tips management software allows you to transfer daily tips accurately to employees’ paychecks without any errors. This helps you to manage tips without any extra stress.

Give your customers multiple tip options

Encourage your customers to pay more tips by providing custom multiple tip options.

Set tip rules for your employees

Keep your employees happy by customizing tip rules that match their needs. With Modisoft Tips Management Software you can always change or customize tip rules and keep everything in records.

Minimize employee payroll errors

Minimize your payroll errors by syncing pooled tips in real time. Modisoft is designed to bring accuracy to your overall tips management. You can easily manage your tips and sync them with payroll within minutes.

Generate reports for employees with accurate tip information

Develop employee trust with clear communication

Generate tip reports that provide clear information for employees to learn and understand tip allocation. Simplifying the process helps develop trust with your team to improve work ethic and connections with customers for store growth. 

Manage your closeouts more conveniently with automated tip pooling

Automated tip pooling allows you to simplify your closeout process so that you can handle sales and tips separately. This automation saves your time and streamlines your closeout operations.

Distribute tips accordingly within mPOS

Distribute tips based on job type or across grouped jobs, all within mPOS. With access from any connected device, you can ensure accurate tip allocation for multiple employees and locations. 

Get limitless flexibility for tip pooling

Modisoft provides you the freedom to pool tips on the number of set rules without limits. You experience full flexibility on tip pooling and stay stress-free by getting rid of managing tips manually.

Comfortably manage your cash & credit card tips

Never miss a beat by managing cash and credit card tips with Modisoft. All the cash and credit card tips get automatically updated to payroll allowing you to manage everything comfortably.

Provide a seamless customer checkout

You can create tipping options with Modisoft, allowing you to provide a seamless checkout to your customers.