Manage all recipes conveniently within one module

Handle recipes with more efficiency in one convenient module. All recipes are easily accessed in one place with the ability to adjust and update ingredients.

View ingredient groups directly in Insights

Access ingredient groups within Insights to set up recipes and create combinations. Choose from a variety of categories and create your own categorizations for optimal management. 

Efficiently manage recipes with easy ingredient unit conversions

Convert ingredient units in seconds with Insights. Unit conversations can be easily adjusted to ensure all recipes match across locations. 

Oversee your stock list and access ingredient supplies

View your stocklist from anywhere and access ingredient supplies to assess upcoming orders. With the ability to oversee inventory, you can manage your locations more efficiently. 

Access your catalog and apply filters

Access your item catalog instantly and apply filters as needed to match requirements. Navigate across an intuitive dashboard that helps you search for exactly the item you are looking for. 

Provide more options for orders

Manage orders with more options that allow for delivery, pick up, drive thru, curbside, and more. Meet customers where they are at without the reliance on third party delivery services.

Allocate par levels for individual ingredients

Maintain consistent ingredient inventory with allocated par levels. Each ingredient can be assigned a level that is automatically updated across connected devices. 

Input current quantities with stocktaking

Input quantities directly into the POS system for accurate stocktaking. Manage inventory levels and adjust orders with a clear view for recipe management.