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How Product Placement Can Grow Your C-Store Business

Product placement is an essential marketing element for any retail business, but this is especially true for convenience stores. Studies indicate that the right placement of a product influences buying choices and can supercharge sales. Convenience stores can utilize the best product placement strategies to help their store grow.   Numerous elements need to be

3 Reasons Your Employees Miss Work and How to Fix It

Your employees are going to miss work once in a while – life happens. But, if you see these absences rising, you might want to take measures to ensure that your employees have everything they need to come to work.   You can create a healthy workplace that doesn’t suffer from extensive employee absences. These

4 Common Mistakes When Hiring Seasonal Workers

There were over 900,000 seasonal job postings in 2021 alone. And, for every posting, there are many more candidates. But, how do you ensure that you’re hiring seasonal workers correctly? Read on to find out what mistakes you should avoid when you’re hiring seasonal workers. 1. Training Properly It’s really important that seasonal hires are

4 Tips to Grow a Successful Small Business

The travel industry’s spending increased to $726 billion this year, up nearly 3% from 2021. While travel helps many small businesses, spikes in inflation have also created some uncertainty.   For some owners, cutting back on upgrades or hiring seems like the logical answer. However, outdated equipment and poor employee retention can harm businesses long term.  

How To Prevent Employee Burnout & Turnover

In December 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported that three-quarters of US workers were stressed or burnt out by work. That number was up from 55% of workers just six months before.  These findings impact businesses across the country. Employee stress is on the rise, which can have significant effects on our company.  Employee burnout often causes

How Workforce Data Analytics Can Help Your Business

Employee productivity and engagement are frequently discussed separately. However, much research suggests that an engaged employee is a productive employee. Many managers make the mistake of attempting to enhance staff productivity only through time-tracking and screen-monitoring tools – which is OK if your people respond well to micro management. However, implementing data-driven solutions and workplace

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