POS Systems for Liquor Stores With a Bar

As a small business owner, you understand it takes a lot to run a successful business. Over 70% of businesses fail less than 10 years after opening, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the changing demands of the market. 


One common challenge is finding the ideal Point-Of-Sale or “POS” system. The POS is the most essential aspect of your business — it’s where your money comes in. And you want the transaction between you and your customers to be as seamless as possible to ensure they keep coming back. 


But finding the right POS system for liquor stores with a bar can be difficult. Many POS systems are not set up to handle the unique requirements of a liquor store that also serves alcohol. 


Here are three things to look for when selecting the best POS system for your liquor store.

Inventory Tracking

Are you still tracking your inventory by hand? Having separate spreadsheets to track inventory and invoices is a thing of the past. Not to mention a huge headache.


A good POS system will have integrated inventory tracking. In other words, your POS should tell you exactly how much inventory you have based on sales, having to cross-reference many separate documents. Not only is this time the same, but it reduces the chances of accounting errors. 


While many POS systems today can track inventory, few offer solutions for both bar AND liquor stores. A liquor store that also operates as a bar requires a POS system that combines retail and service-based features.


Finding a POS system with both will help you place orders more efficiently, track down missing stock more quickly, and streamline your business. 

Online Ordering

For the last decade, the United States has seen a major shift towards online ordering. This has only increased with the pandemic and is likely to continue. People like convenience, and that means being able to order online. 


Having a POS system that can accommodate online ordering, curbside pick-up, and delivery is becoming standard. If your current POS can’t do all this, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management sounds like a big technical term. But it’s just a fancy word for staying connected and engaged with your customers


Expectations for technology are rapidly changing. Most major retailers offer these services which draw customers away from small businesses.


CRM is essential for keeping your customers coming back. It allows you to collect customer data, like email addresses and phone numbers. With this information, you can create loyalty programs for returning customers. This enables you to reward those who continue to choose your business over the competition.


You can also send out promotions through email, push notifications, and texts. Your regulars won’t miss out on any deals or special events

Best POS System for Liquor Store

Need the best POS system for liquor stores? Modisoft offers a POS system for nearly every type of retail small business, including liquor stores and bars. 

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One of the standout features of Modisoft is the ability to view live sales data. This real-time visibility empowers you to monitor sales performance as it happens, allowing you to make informed decisions and swiftly address any issues that may arise.

Moreover, our software enables you to create customizable menus for ordering. You have the flexibility to design menus that align with your restaurant’s unique offerings, making it easier for customers to browse and select their desired items. This customization feature ensures a user-friendly ordering experience that caters to your specific requirements.

Additionally, Modisoft supports digital menu boards for pricing. By leveraging this functionality, you can easily update and display pricing information on digital screens within your restaurant. This dynamic approach eliminates the need for manual price changes and enhances the overall aesthetics of your establishment.

We’re pleased to announce that the cost to run the POS system aligns with the subscription for your back-office software. This streamlined approach simplifies your financial management, allowing you to enjoy a unified pricing structure that covers both the hardware and software components.

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