Modisoft entangles with DoorDash for a fresh business agreement

Modisoft, a Point of Sales hardware and software company and DoorDash, a worldwide Door-to-door delivery and logistics company, today announced that they had reached a mutually beneficial business agreement. The agreement is in support of their global growth and strives to meet the yearnings of their teaming clients. As expected, the agreement will help in adding verve to Modisoft’s flexibility and competitiveness in the worldwide retail market.


A partnership for explosive growth:

According to their Chief Executive, Modisoft needs innovative, quick, and result-oriented service deliveries to operate efficiently in the global market.

DoorDash has ample experience in large-scale delivery and supply chain management. They have served a plethora of prominent companies across the globe and has served as integrators of supply chain operation for their key partners.

We have an App called Cartzie; Cartzie is an app that allows business owners to add their business to the app. We offer curbside, pump side, deliver and take out. The partnership with DoorDash will enable us to take our delivery option to the next level. We have a “white-labelled” DoorDash opportunity that allows us to deliver products to anyone wherever they are located. Furthermore, Cartzie enables business owners to create customer loyalty in regards to money back etc.

DoorDash will assist Modisoft to become an instant-On Enterprise by incorporating technology in all facets of delivery services to provide customers’ needs better, employees and partners instantly and at their doorstep. Modidoft is working with Doordash to harness a consistent, well-optimized and pocket-friendly technology infrastructure that will assist in lowering the company’s technology investment.


About Modisoft

Modisoft deals on Point of Sales hardware and software. We focus on delivering flawless services to retail businesses. With us, Hotels, Gas stations, Food trucks, Grocery stores, etc., can become smarter and more proactive in their deliveries.

We have served for over a decade. We have been providing excellent solutions for sales management, Back office operations, financial reporting, inventory documentation, sales management, lottery management, etc. Our team is our greatest asset! They offer constant support and satisfaction to our customers, as they work round-the-clock to ensure their needs are met.


About DoorDash

DoorDash is an IT company that assists startups and established businesses to connect with their customers within and outside their proximity. They engage in logistics, supply chain and delivery of products at the doorsteps of customers. Their clients are restaurants, grocery stores, IT companies, and virtually all retail businesses.

They focus on empowering their clients to incorporate new ways of business expansion, higher earnings, and progression. They are excellent facilitators of door-to-door deliveries, as they offer endless possibilities while connecting people.

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