Modisoft announces the launching of Cartzie – a new loyalty App

Modisoft Inc is pleased to announce the launch of its new Cartzie loyalty app.

Using a loyalty app for your brand is a fantastic way to increase the engagement of your customers, since customers love earning rewards simply by doing business with you, Cartzie can make your customers feel valued and this will keep these customers retained for future business.

Cartzie works by letting your customers have the latest offers that can be sent anytime and anywhere. Our App can be custom built for online ordering and loyalty that mirrors your brand. It will enable your business to take orders online and the customer can select the options of receiving their order as a Curbside Pickup, Delivery or Drive Thru via the App.

From the company’s point of view, our Cartzie software is intuitive and can work via your Point of Sale system or tablet. From a customer point of view, once signed up and registered, they can quickly redeem their points by signing in simply, so long they have a phone number in their hand. Once signed in, it will be easy to earn more points.

We propose with our App the lowest pricing with no upfront payment or contracts.

Prices start from just $29 per month.


About Modisoft

Modisoft was founded in 2005 by an entrepreneur called Sohail Modi. Following Sohail’s career starting up in the Retail Industry, his experience made him realise that an automated and integrated hardware and software solution could massively increase the accuracy and efficiency of his business operations. Modisoft Books was his first attempt to improve the way business was carried out. This product was developed and later shared with his associates and friends that worked together in the same business sector. After a tremendous response to Modisoft Books, he formally launched his company and ultimately increased his service and product lines to meet the needs of his growing customer base.

Over time, Modisoft has progressed to meet the distinctive needs of worldwide business clients. Our solutions help with all aspects of a business including Back Office Operations, Financial Reporting, Inventory and Sales Management, Lottery and Fuel Sales Management.

Sohail Modi, says that “Cartzie is a perfect complement to Medisoft’s current range.” Sohail adds that “we look forward to working together with Modisoft’s continuing journey as suppliers of modern applications for the retail industry”.


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