Modisoft launches mPOS – an intelligent solution to all your retail needs

Modisoft has officially announced the launching of its much-awaited POS system, an innovative approach to sustain retail needs. A news release by Modisoft has it that Modisoft is set to empower more businesses by launching the brand new POS (Point-of-Sale) system for users who wish to make retail a pleasure! mPOS is rich in features and is a growing choice of businesses.


Key Features

POS system meets you with many outstanding features including – Robust Reporting, Single Access, Deep customer insights, Quick Customer Profiles, and Customer Loyalty Programs.

Robust Reporting:

The mPOS is merged with the back office management system to keep you continuously updated with the important informational news about your particular business, even on a large scale.

Single Access:

The Modisoft-POS System tackles the multistore business by supporting the single access feature. One can easily track, adjust and transfer retails/inventory across the world.

Get Customers Trust:

In every type of business, customer satisfaction is an essential thing to achieve. The POS-based company continuously creates the customer profile for getting deeper insights among the clients. This also helps you to track and transfer the inventory to your targeted locations.

These integrated features make the mPOS the go-to choice for the leading retail operations. mPOS provides robust reporting through Back Office, which allows you to get vital information about your business. You can manage multi store businesses with ease. mPOS has a single access, allowing you to easily track, adjust, or transfer inventory across all your locations. The best thing about mPOS is that you can have an unlimited number of stores linked to it. By using mPOS, you can have great customer relationships. It will help you create customer profiles and enable you to understand your customers in a better way.

Furthermore, mPOS automatically updates the customer profile with every transaction they make, and it also helps in better understanding the customer needs. Customer Profiles feature allows you to create customer notes with each profile and gives each customer a much more tailored and unique experience. By using a loyalty program, you can benefit your loyal customers and grow your business more effectively.


Why choose mPOS

There are plenty of other POS systems available in the market. Still, mPOS stands out because it offers hassle-free integration, accepts Credit and Debit card payments, provides friendly customer service, and helpful video tutorials. More so, mPOS is compatible with most business models such as a kiosk, grocery store, fast food coffee shop, salon, and supermarket.

mPOS provides few additional options to its customers, and it is easy to set up on an iPad or iPhone. mPOS helps our savvy customers avoid bulky and expensive hardware and save a lot of counter space. mPOS is the best solution for Delis, Drive Through, Mall Kiosks, Ice Cream Parlors, and you can also take customer orders in the restaurant and use mPOS for home deliveries. It is the best portable solution available in the market. mPOS also accepts all major cards and accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay, which makes it a much better option than its competitors.


About Modisoft

The company was founded in 2005, and Modisoft’s intention is to provide retail businesses with the opportunity to conduct their business smarter using integrated POS hardware and solutions. Modisoft provides feature-rich solutions designed to help all aspects of a business, including Back Office Operations, Financial Reporting, Lottery, Fuel Sales Management, Inventory, and many more. Various retail businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pop-up stores, food trucks, and others can significantly benefit from mPOS solutions. The goal at Modisoft is to provide incomparable customer service. The team of professionals at Modisoft are well versed and they provide one-window solutions to the incoming queries and customer needs. The corporate office of Modisoft is located in Sugar Land, Texas.

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