Modisoft launches Back Office – a Secure, cloud-based offline POS system and software that simplifies business management!

Modisoft, a globally recognized POS service firm has announced the launching of its new service – the Back office. Back-office is an essential platform that can manage all executives in one place via an easy-to-use dashboard. With this service, users can now view real-time transactions, continuously check inventory, and quickly control costs. All of these are done by Modisoft BackOffice!

Over the past 10 years, Modisoft has continuously improved and strived to meet the needs of its customers. Our POS equipment and programming agreements are designed to help retail businesses run their business smarter. As a result, our valued customer base in the United States has grown significantly. Our answers are content-rich and helpful for all business areas, such as back-office operations, inventory, and sales management, financial reporting, lottery, and fuel sales management. Modisoft POS is not difficult to deliver under various retail conditions such as restaurants, gas stations, corner shops, pop-up shops, food trucks, etc. We focus on excellent customer service. Our team of professional help experts ensures that our customers increase their interest in the POS framework with one window of answers.

The back office of Modisoft is a cloud-based management center that aims to improve functional efficiency by accelerating information transfer, compromise, and metering to promote the product, grocery, and fuel businesses and edge, warehouse psychologists, and decline. Using this software, you can expand the consistency and representativeness of estimates, expand stores and eliminate dead stocks. Organize your values ​​centrally from the back office.

You can set up, add, change or move things between departments and categories. Make global improvements to the value book, and monitor valuations by value bundles, custom collections, storage areas, or departments. Use the money compromise module to monitor income. Functional reports track transactions and any rate strategies identified by POS and checkout systems. The administrative center keeps track of cash, credits, fees, EBT, checks, apartment accounts, and the various rates you have accepted. Allows you to set a clear time frame in advance and work with different sellers who may not support mixing and matching. Modisoft’s backend offers you advantages and, at the same time, agrees on a limited amount of time with the dealer.

Back office treats with the stock having the chance to conjecture requests for actions and improve the contraction to eliminate your misfortunes.

About Modisoft

Over a decade ago, we were among the first small companies that entered the market intending to develop software for entertainment purposes. With our latest developments and ideas, we can see vast potential in this field, and therefore we want to make sure that everyone well knows our presence there. We can create software whose quality can be.

Our latest developments are called “Back Office” and “Office Kit”. These packages enable anyone to turn their small office space into a modern workplace, allowing them to work more efficiently and increase their chances of success. They come in different sizes and with different options, catering to the needs of all individuals and companies.

As we always believe in rewarding those who help us grow as a company, we offer a 50% discount for licenses purchased before September 1st. Furthermore, Back Office version 2.0 is to be released in October and will include several improvements. We expect this to increase sales even further, as our users recognize the work we put into ours.

The company is young and ambitious, a company that strives to provide its customers with high-quality software at the lowest price possible. The company began operations in 2006, and it is based in Sugar Land, USA.

Modisoft was founded by a young and ambitious developer who desires to provide people with high-quality software at the lowest price possible. The company was established in 2014 and is located in Sugar Land, USA.

to find more about the back office or Modisoft, Learn more about Modisoft’s back office solutions.

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