Zebra Technologies announces partnership with Modisoft

September, 9th 2021 – Midosoft company news

Zebra Technologies, the leading enterprise in the domain of real time applications and solutions, has recently announced a strategic technological partnership with Modisoft in order to accelerate its marketing and sales through cloud based software technology. Future implementations of additional Modisoft services are also reported to be effectuated. The partnership, combining Zebra Technologies’ leading technological products combined with Modisoft’s complementary cloud based marketing software and hardware, marks the advent of a window of endless possibilities.

A Great Alliance:

Zebra Technologies has conventionally carried out sales record analysis manually. This partnership is predicted to boost sales and profit. The high performance Point of Sale technology (POS) provided by Modisoft, allows reliable tracking of sales virtually, coupled with providing a balance, profit, and loss sheet, when required.  This additionally incorporates Fuel sales and Gross sales. The cloud based POS system is reported to be safe and secure and can be implemented offline. From a marketing and business point of view, this feature will digitize the sale record and inventory management of Zebra Technologies, thereby easing the financial process. The senior manager of the marketing department of Zebra Technologies, John Wyer said:

“We are excited to commence and kick start this new venture by launching a system for recording and tracking our sales on a daily basis.”

Modisoft provides state-of-the-art customized websites, which aid customers in placing orders online thereby, eradicating the arduous process of physical purchase. This will allow Zebra Technologies to carry out sales activities in a new and effective manner, thereby maintaining its competitive edge. This collaboration will allow Zebra Technologies to reach customers effectively for the sale of their printers, computers, and tablets. The Manager Technical Communications, Carla Martinek, reportedly said:

“The age of modern digitization requires real time solutions. Online websites for selling products is vital for effective sales and Modisoft is an ideal partner for achieving this goal. We are eager to initiate and launch this new pursuit with a company that shares our vision of a smarter and more connected community.”

By virtually connecting retails and customers, the collaboration denotes the age of complete digitization of sales and marketing for Zebra Technologies, hence maintaining its status as a leading global enterprise.

About Modisoft:

Modisoft is the maker of hardware and software solutions. Our mission is to deliver flawless services to retail businesses. Over the years, Modisoft has developed, but we still strive to meet the needs of worldwide business clients. Modisoft point of sale solutions is proved very helpful in retailing businesses such as gas stations, convenience stores, food trucks, etc.

mPOS solutions help in different aspects of businesses especially Back Office Operations, Sales Management, Lottery and fuel sales Management, Financial Reporting, and much more. Visit our website at https://modisoft.com/home.html.

Their integrated POS hardware and software solutions are designed to help retail businesses conduct business smarter. Their solutions help all aspects of a business including Back Office Operations, Lottery and Fuel Sales Management, Inventory and Sales Management, Financial Reporting, and much more. Their system is easy to deploy in numerous retail business environments such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pop-up stores, food trucks, and much more.

About Zebra:

Zebra Technologies is a manufacturing company that provides computer hardware, retail, transportation, health care, and logistics. It was founded in 1969 and has more than 10,000 partners across the globe.

Zebra offers different services, including barcode scanning, rugged tablets, intelligent automation systems, printing and supplies, mobile computing, real-time location systems (RTLS), data services, and regulatory analytics. Visit its website at https://www.zebra.com/gb/en.html.

Zebra solutions work with many industries all around the world. They are across every major industry and business such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and other industries. They have more than 10,000 partners across 100 countries. They provide assets to help their customers to make business-critical decisions. Their products include mobile computers and tablets, thermal barcode label and receipt printers, intelligent software and solutions, and card and kiosk printers used for barcode labeling, personal identification, supply chain, retail, healthcare, and government sectors.

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