Modisoft and Verifone Collaborate for Prospective Developments

Modisoft has initiated an alliance with Verifone for future development incentives. This is the latest developing news and it’s a part of their business advancement, as it mutually benefits both parties. As anticipated, this agreement can provide Modisoft with more inclusive versatility and affability.

Verifone has been providing exceptional services to many esteemed clients. Modisoft’s agreement with them can be proved profoundly fruitful as it may allow them to develop better relations with our customers. Indeed, there are indicators that this will turnout to become a thriving partnership.

A customer-centric Agreement

This alliance between Verifone and Modisoft will surely help the two companies to escalate and improve to a whole new level.

Over the years, Verifone has been delivering professionally in the retails sector, and they will certainly provide Modisoft’s customers with easy access to payment methods. With Verifone, transactions will be effortless, thus, allowing consumers to remain trouble-free.

This partnership will be quite rewarding, as it will give room for Modisoft to have more extensive loyalty reward programs. With this, they will be able to incorporate their POS and Back-office services with the loyalty program and rewards. The loyalty program offers customized discounts on services. Modisoft will now integrate Verifone’s point-of-sale (POS) terminals, thus increasing its loyalty rewards with global and local clients who are already using Verifone’s POS terminals.

Guaranteed secured transactions will be feasible from now on. Verifone and Modisoft may build an ultimate trust relationship with clients, thus, providing consumers the ability to attain a future-proof journey. The flexibility and safety in this agreement will help the associates to prosper productively while attaining an electrifying milestone.

About Modisoft

Modisoft offers combined POS hardware and software solutions, devised to help direct business cycles to operate more smartly.

Our solutions are feature-rich and assist with all perspectives of a business including, Back Office Operations, Inventory and Sales Management, Financial Reporting, Lottery and Fuel Sales Management, and much more.

We are committed to rendering extraordinary customer services. It is our team that makes it all probable; they are obstinate to deliver you the best.

Modisoft’s core of esteemed clients throughout the United States have developed exponentially. However, it is endeavouring to suffice the unique necessities of worldwide business clients.

About Verifone

Verifone specializes in providing secure digital connections, cloud-based services, global market insights, best-in-class hardware and standard-setting global and local payment services to her teaming clients. They make omnichannel commerce easy for merchants, delivering a consistent brand experience on a unified digital platform. This new direction comes from an innovative concept and sound customer-driven processes. Verifone has earned immense trust from her partners through their proven capability in expediting more than 10 billion protected transactions yearly.

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