Utilize a smarter kiosk solution 

Reduce stress on management and employees by implementing a smarter self-serve kiosk solution. Self-serve kiosks help serve customers quickly and streamline the ordering process for more accuracy. 

Experience a simplified design that helps you manage more foot traffic

Self-serve kiosks offer a user-friendly experience that can manage more foot traffic with less error. Efficiently manage peak hours and give accurate order windows with kiosks that are uniquely designed for your business. 

Allow customers to place orders to minimize communication errors

Customers can easily place orders independently on a designated self-serve kiosk. With minimal communication errors, orders are more accurate even during peak hours. 
Item Modifier on a self-service kiosk screen by Modisoft

Let customers pick from categorized items for add-ons and extra toppings

Let customers easily select their favorite items from a categorized menu. Allow add-ons and extra toppings with a tap of a button. 

Integrate self-serve experiences with exceptional service

Provide faster service with a self-serve experience that assists both customers and employees. Streamline orders during peak times and empower customers to order directly without confusion. 

Manage online orders with more options

Manage more online orders with a variety of options for delivery, pick up, drive thru, curbside, pumpside, and more. Customers can choose the best option for them and order directly from your business. 

Simplify orders during peak hours

Manage more during peak hours with user-friendly self-serve kiosks. Streamline orders with intuitive software that receives customers orders and sends it directly to employees without hassle.