4 Common Mistakes When Hiring Seasonal Workers

There were over 900,000 seasonal job postings in 2021 alone. And, for every posting, there are many more candidates.


But, how do you ensure that you’re hiring seasonal workers correctly? 


Read on to find out what mistakes you should avoid when you’re hiring seasonal workers.

1. Training Properly

It’s really important that seasonal hires are still fully trained to do their job. That’s the only way you’ll be able to continue providing the quality of goods and services that your customers are used to. 


This is also true of any HR processes your seasonal employees might have previously been exempt from. It’s important that seasonal employees also take workplace safety training or sexual harassment training programs you might offer at your company. 

2. Keeping Hiring Standards in Place

Even though you’re choosing seasonal hires, you still need to ensure they go through the same hiring process as everyone else. Whatever requirements you have for permanent hires also need to apply to your temporary employees.


The same is true for the interview and application process. Ask all the same questions of seasonal employees, and ensure that they attend the same number of interviews. Just because it’s seasonal work, after all, doesn’t mean you don’t need to ensure that the person you’re hiring is up to the task. 

3. Provide Thorough Feedback

It’s always important to ensure that your seasonal employees know what you think about their performance. That way, they can adapt to meet your specifications, which will help you see their true potential. If they have no idea what you want from them, after all, how are they supposed to figure it out?


You can even formalize this process so that temporary and permanent employees have the same ability to receive the feedback they need to succeed.

4. Don't Stay in Your Lane

When you’re hiring seasonal employees, there’s no reason not to take as many applicants as possible. You might stumble upon someone who you wouldn’t normally consider, but who can actually make an incredible new addition to your team.


For example, people who have retired (or seniors as a whole) are one pool that is often overlooked during the hiring process. The same is true for people who have been unemployed for more than a few months. 


This is especially true if you’re trying to avoid burnout. People who have been out of the hiring pool for a while may have more energy and more capacity to focus on your business.

Start Hiring Seasonal Workers Today

Now that you know what to avoid, you should be able to hire seasonal workers confidently. You’ll be certain you’re hiring the high-quality workers that you need during busy seasons.

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