Every process
for every business.

Built for All
Business Types

A flexible system that’s always adapting to your needs. Your Modisoft experience is tailored to your business no matter what your niche is.


Increase revenue growth and streamline operations with every scan for your convenience store
Run your convenience store effortlessly with Modisoft. Our all-in-one POS and insight solution includes features from fuel and lottery management to employee management, helping you streamline your convenience store operations and increase revenue.


Boost customer reach and enjoy seamless operations with Modisoft point-of-sale system designed for your grocery store and supermarkets
Eliminate long lines and checkout delays at your grocery store. Simplify the checkout process by swiftly scanning barcodes and processing transactions, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.
Screen displaying the grocery point of sale system checkout interface.


Manage vendors and distributors within a trusted liquor store POS system

When running a liquor store, balancing your inventory is crucial. Modisoft makes it easy to manage your current stock and upcoming deliveries from vendors and distributors using one central POS system.

Cafe & Bakeries

Intuitive POS System for Cafes & Bakeries

Spend less time worrying about orders and operations. Modisoft’s intuitive, user-friendly POS system is designed for Café managers and baristas.

Fast Food

Deliver next-level Fast Food service

Modisoft Insights simplifies your business management with a secure, cloud-based, and offline POS system for you to reach more customers.
Screen displaying Modisoft mPOS dashboard interface.

Full Service

Keep in touch, sync and integrate all your services

Modisoft POS system helps you easily manage your orders and boost efficiency within your team. Our user-friendly design is simple for employees to learn, ensuring your restaurant continues to operate at a high level.

Fast Casual

A seamless experience for Fast Casual restaurants

Modisoft delivers a seamless experience across all business operations for fast casual restaurants. From the counter, to the kitchen, and to the table, experience a POS system that is in sync with your operations


Smoothly run your bar and brewery with the right solution

From taking food and drink orders to inventory management, Modisoft POS serves as an all-in-one solution for Bars and Breweries.

Smoke Shops

Connect with customers easily and efficiently with Modisoft POS, tailored toward Smoke Shops

Modisoft offers cloud-based tools to help you deliver quality customer experiences for your smoke shop with accessibility to inventory from any smart device.

Tablet screen displaying Modisoft smoke shop mPOS interface.


Smoothly run your business with the right solution

Modisoft offers an intuitive interface and operations management system for self-serve kiosks that delivers order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our Products

Modisoft equips growing businesses with a strong support network, point of sale system and administrative interface that streamlines all aspects needed to run an effective business, from their accounting to their customer service.


Let Modisoft streamline the logistics. Simplify everything from payroll to pricing and inventory, receive reports on your business’s performance and manage all your store locations, even from your phone.
Tablet and mobile displaying Modisoft Insights dashboard.
Mobile displaying a restaurant page in the Modisoft Cartzie App.


Simplify curbside pick-up, delivery orders and drive-thru for your stores with the easy-to-use Cartzie app! To make your products and services more accessible and promote visibility in your area, give your business the Cartzie advantage.

Point of Sale

Treat your customers and employees to a reliable and flexible point of sale. Modisoft POS functions on the Cloud and offline, ensuring smooth operations for your business, regardless of your location.
Tablet and mobile screens displaying Modisoft Fast Casual mPOS dashboard.
Displaying multiple payment-supported devices and previewing a delivery boy using it for secure and easy payment transactions.


Secure transactions wherever you sell: point of sale, online, cards on mobile and in-person payments, all with minimal transaction fees.


No hidden fees for necessary equipment — get everything you need. Modisoft’s point of sale terminals are easy to install, and the Modisoft TV fits seamlessly in your store.

Modisoft POS M8 screen displaying the back of office dashboard.
Multiple digital boards are placed on a wall that displays the restaurant logo and menu on the screen.

Digital Menu

A favorite feature of Modisoft’s services is our digital menu, which can list your products, advertise specials, and show customers what’s new in your business.

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Point of Sale

Digital Menu


Tobacco Loyalty


$ 59 / mo if paid annually
$69/month if paid monthly


$ 69 / mo if paid annually
$89/month if paid monthly

A Competitive Advantage

Boost Foot Traffic and Engagement with Cartzie
Curbside Pickup, Delivery, Drive Thru, In-Store Loyalty, Coupons and Deals..

$ 59 / Month