Maximize your revenue by utilizing online ordering

Provide a seamless digital experience to your customers by creating a digital presence. Modisoft Online Ordering System gives your customers the convenience of directly ordering their favorite food from the comfort of their home.
full service restaurant online ordering by Modisoft

Schedule orders in advance

Boost your sales by offering your customers the option to schedule orders ahead of time.

Effortlessly add your menu for online orders

Modisoft POS & Cartzie allow you to add your menu for online orders, making it easy for your customers to scroll their favorite items from anywhere.

Give more delivery options to your customers

Whether your customers are at the restaurant, at home, or on the go they expect impeccable service. Provide your customers with the option to order their favorite food, regardless of where they are.

Grow your fast food location with a customized loyalty app

Get a customized loyalty app designed to grow your full-service restaurant locations. Give your customers more reasons to order by running promotional campaigns, rewards, and coupons, all with your brand voice.