Give customers more ways to earn rewards

Manage loyalty campaigns that allow customers to view and earn rewards faster. In one seamless dashboard, you can view and adjust campaigns to match customer purchase habits. 

Offer more rewards to keep customers returning for more

Provide instant customer loyalty rewards 

Give customers the opportunity to access instant loyalty rewards. With cloud-based reporting updated in real-time, you can customize rewards for your best customers. 

Grow revenue while protecting your bottom line

Save more by switching to Cartzie

Provide platinum benefits to returning customers without high costs to your full-service business. Without reliance on third-party services for premium services, you can save more.

Send direct text messages to customers to promote deals and invite them to return

View customer rewards from anywhere

Access all customer rewards from any connected device. View the latest reports in real-time within Insights where you can adjust campaigns based on updated data.

Allow customers to seamlessly sign in and instantly earn rewards