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Active and Secure

Block all attacks with
the Astra Firewall

Your website is under attack almost everyday. Don’t let
it stop your business.

You can sleep sound knowing that your website is safe
from hackers, bad bots, SQLi, XSS, spam, and 110+
other types of attacks. All in one.
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24x7 Realtime Protection

Astra's rock solid firewall protects your website from SQLi, XSS, bad bots, spam & 100+ threats. Only real users get access to your website.

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IP and Country Blocking

With a click of a button you can block or whitelist a country or an IP and easily add exception rules to whitelist certain parameters

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Brute-force Protection

Get protection from hackers' repeated attempts to gain access to your account with Astra's brute force protection.

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Threat Analytics

Astra's dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your website security along with critical information on the threats Astra stopped.

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Attacker Profiling

See the attacker's profile with details like their country of origin, browser and IP address and easily take protective measures.

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Bad Bot Protection

Astra protects your site from bad bots like data scrapers, ad bots and spam bots via user agents.

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Protection from 100+ flaws

Astra's rock solid firewall protects your website from SQLi, XSS, bad bots, spam & 100+ threats. Only real users get access to your website.

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Blacklist Monitoring

Astra monitors 60+ security engines daily to check if your website has been blacklisted due to security issues or vulnerabilities.

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Spam Blocking

Get protection from bots that create spam accounts on your site or from spam comments with Astra's intelligent spam blocking

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Search Engine Bot

Astra monitors popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to check if your website has been removed due to security errors.

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Trap the bad guys out and only let the good guys in. Astra recognizes users with malicious intent, blocking them before they cause damage.

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Suspicious Login Alerts

Astra's firewall monitors and blocks all suspicious login attempts in real time and gives you the tools to blacklist accounts when required.


Control the files
that get uploaded
to your site

Easily control what people can
upload to your website. Stop
malicious content from disrupting
your business. Decide the file sizes
and extension you want to allow.
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Prevents Malicious Uploads

Astra scans and analyzes all the files that get uploaded to your website and automatically blocks malicious uploads.

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Block & Control extensions

Easily control the file extension you want to allow and the ones you want to prevent users from uploading from the Astra dashboard.

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Set upload size limits

Stop large files from being uploaded to your website, and save precious server resources & service disruption. Easily set limits within Astra.

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Backdoor upload prevention

Control what reaches your server. Prevent hackers from accessing your server by uploading obfuscated malicious files and web shells.

Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Malware Scanner

Scan your site and remove all malware

Scan your site for malicious objects whenever you want. Astra’s machine learning powered malware scanner is available to you 24/7.
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Unlimited Scans

Get unlimited automatic malware scans whenever you want. Along with any malicious code, the scanner will also flag any core file changes in your website's file system.

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Automatic Malware Scans

Automatic scans that take less time than grabbing a coffee. Review flagged files & take suggested actions right in your dashboard, with no additional setup required.

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Scheduled Scans

Schedule automatic scans to run daily, weekly or monthly. The scan report lands straight in your inbox after every scan so you can review the results. Just set it and forget it.

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Malware Removal Tools

Take necessary action right within the Astra dashboard. Review and delete malicious files easily. Take control of your security and clean malware with one click.

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File Difference Visualization

Ensure authenticity of your code by tracking changes in the core CMS files of your website. View changes, review code and take action all within our dashboard

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Light-weight and Efficient

Built with performance in mind, Astra’s malware scanner is optimized to use almost zero resources on your server. No performance issues or latency for your customers, ever.

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Machine Learning Powered Engine

Powered by an always-evolving Machine learning engine that works on Markov chains. Every new scan is better and smarter than the last one.

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PDF & Email Reports

Get PDF & email reports right in your inbox so you can easily monitor threats and are always up-to-date with your website security status without spending too much time.

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Collective Intelligence

Powered by a machine learning engine that allows collective intelligence to come into play for precise malware detection. It gets better with every threat it analyzes.

Security Boosters


Customize your security and strengthen your defenses with Security Boosters

Tailor your website’s protection settings to match your preferences. Create custom security rules using 8+ parameters or using already-existing recipe crafted by experts.
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Create Custom Rules

Setup custom security rules using dozens of parameters to tailor your website protection settings. Block visitors based on their location, IPs, user agents and other such parameters.

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Use pre-built recipes

Use pre-existing recipes created by security experts to quickly configure your website protection settings. Apply complex security rules that would take developers hours to implement, in minutes.

Group 10Created with Sketch. Vulnerability Scans

Double-check your code with our Vulnerability Scans

Uncover all the vulnerabilities of your website and clean up your code with Astra’s Vulnerability Scans.

3000+ test cases covered by Astra’s vulnerability scanner. Hack yourself before hackers do and make your website the safest place on the internet.
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Collaborative Dashboard

No more back and forth with long email threads. Astra’s vulnerability management dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your VAPT progress.

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Steps to Reproduce

Astra helps you reproduce the vulnerabilities with details steps making your team’s life super simple while fixing the found vulnerabilities.

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OWASP Top 10

Astra follows major security standards around the globe including OWASP, SANS, CERT, PCI, ISO27001 etc. for every security audit.

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Server Infrastructure Testing

Astra's scanners audit your server configuration to ensure that your server is secure & hardened from all types of server-level attacks.

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VAPT Security Certificate

Get a safe-to-host certificate after fixing the vulnerabilities. You can share it with your customers to reassure them & inspire confidence.

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Bugfix Assistance

Get clear steps to fix & code samples with each report. If you're stuck, just add a comment & get help from our security & tech experts.

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Testing for Known CVEs

As a part of the security audit we test for common vulnerabilities and exposures. This ensures you stay on top of your security game.

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Active & Passive Analysis

We perform hundreds of ‘active’ & 'passive' tests based on every parameter accepted to find vulnerabilities.

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Get a Re-scan

Once your team has fixed the reported vulnerabilities, our security experts would perform a re-scan to make sure your site is 100% safe.

Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Agencies

Manage anywhere between 5 and 500+ sites with ease

Even at 500 sites, have the perfect overview of the security for all your client websites! Add, modify and remove websites as required. One single dashboard will give you all the information you need.

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Handsome commissions

As an agency partner, you get access to bulk discounted pricing. So you can secure all your clients and also enjoy amazing commissions at the same time.

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No more hacked clients

Don’t lose sleep over hacked client websites. We make sure all your clients' websites are free of any kind of infections, malware and are not blacklisted by search engines.

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Manage all clients together

Whether you have 10 clients or 500, manage all of them from a single co-branded dashboard. Now you can relax while we secure all your client websites.

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Share dashboard with clients

Give each client their own security dashboard. They can see all the attacks that are being stopped in real-time & thank you for keeping their website secure!

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One Solution to secure all CMSs

Be it WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla, Drupal or any PHP framework (Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgnitor etc), all your clients are safe with Astra.

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Complete Security Suite

Get Website Firewall, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Managed Bug Bounty & host of other security tools, all in one simple dashboard.

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