Upgrade your fast casual restaurant with a built-in Kitchen Display System

Experience a Kitchen Display System that improves efficiency of food service. Deliver accurate orders with updates on the display in real-time.
kitchen display system by Modisoft

Reduce waste by switching to electronic orders

Order management is made easy with Modisoft KDS system. Receiving orders digitally reduces waste by removing the need for outdated paper tickets.

Get instant updates on order placement

KDS system automatically provides order updates to your kitchen staff. As soon as the order gets placed your kitchen staff can view the clear order requirement providing speedy order fulfillment for your customers.

Make your pickup & delivery easy

Improve your cafe efficiency by receiving order updates in real-time. The order status gets updated in real-time to alert a server for pickup and delivery.

Send order requests directly to your kitchen

Manage your customer orders more efficiently by sending direct requests to your kitchen within seconds. This helps you to boost your kitchen productivity and improve your customer experience.

Bring accuracy to your order management

Modisoft KDS system is designed to bring accuracy to every order placed. You can easily navigate every order and make changes seamlessly as needed, ensuring a smooth process from kitchen to table.

Easily view order status

Modisoft Kitchen Display System allows you to view and manage every order you receive. You can comfortably view orders that automatically sort by time and provide status updates.

Receive order updates in real-time

Get rid of pending orders by staying updated on the placed orders in real-time. KDS allows you to view the orders as soon as they are placed. This helps your kitchen staff to align tasks accordingly.

Increase speed of service with smarter solutions

Update to a suite of solutions that are designed to meet the demand of your fast casual restaurant. Without the complexity of organizing paper tickets, you can spend more time delivering improved service to your customers. 

Remotely create & update menus for multiple locations

Get remote access to your KDS system and create and update menus for multiple locations hassle-free. Modisoft KDS gives you the freedom to change or update menus from anywhere, anytime.

Manage multiple locations through one system

Managing multiple locations becomes easy with Modisoft KDS. You can allow locations to measure their own goals for ticket transitions and customize thresholds for orders. Stay updated on each location’s performance at a glance.

Organize and prioritize orders from one dashboard 

Ticket views

Organize orders with clear communication for ticket views that update automatically. 


Improve order times with timers that allow for orders to be served within a quick threshold.


Get automatic alerts that notify cooks in real-time on orders to ensure timely delivery.