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What is Point of Sale Software?

  Point of sale (POS) software was created to assist retailers, restaurants, salons, and any other type of business that accepts in-person payment methods. Some POS systems are installed through a cash register, while others are available through mobile devices. It mainly serves as a way to calculate the total cost of purchase and to

Ready to Maximize Your Email Marketing Campaign? Follow These 5 Steps

  Email marketing is one of the top ways businesses are able to connect with their target audience. Statistically, email marketing is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than social media. However, there is a science and art to gaining new customers through email marketing. While some emails can feel too intrusive from

Generate More Business With an Easter Promotion

Easter is right around the corner, but they won’t look like a traditional holiday thanks to the pandemic that is in full effect. Celebrants won’t be piling into a church for Sunday Mass, and they won’t be heading out to brunch after mass either. Large Easter gatherings that would typically require catering are canceled. Children

How To Improve Customer Analytics and Service With Technology

Improving restaurant customer engagement and satisfaction starts with the ability to utilize technology for more quality customer service. In turn, it attracts new customers and develops a higher chance of customers wanting to return again. Restaurant technology is rooted in customer analytics, which provides greater insight into purchasing decisions and interactions within the restaurant. By

Four Secrets to a Successful Gas Station

  In 2021, there are nearly 121,538 gas stations with convenience stores in the United States. To compete and thrive, store owners need to get intentional about operating a successful business. Expectations are changing, which provides gas station owners with an opportunity to better serve their needs, attract new business and develop customer loyalty.   Hire reliable,

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