Replace traditional paper tickets with an updated Kitchen Display System 

Enable your kitchen to function efficiently with a Kitchen Display System that can manage orders without paper tickets. Orders automatically appear on the KDS screen, reducing wait times and communication errors. 

Easily assign items to KDS stations

Assign items to specific KDS stations that streamline the process for orders. With accurate wait times and prep information, the kitchen can manage orders with an intuitive digital interface. 

View incoming orders with updates in real-time

Take away the need for bump bars with intuitive touch screen devices. Incoming orders are easily viewed and updated in real-time on each connected device.

Set prep times for all menu items

Set specific prep times for all menu items that accurately reflect on the KDS screen. Prep times allow enough time for employees to prepare orders with accurate updates for customer expectations.

Switch between different displays

Manage multiple displays on your Kitchen Display System with the ability to easily switch between screens. Each screen can be viewed quickly and customized to match your business needs.

Customize your ticket to display specific information

A digital ticket system allows for personalized options for each ticket. Easily display specific information that you want for individual orders and allocate notes accordingly.

Put orders on hold and release directly on the KDS

Hold and release orders according to preset times or customized dates. Adjust orders or update based on customer preferences. 

Manage your KDS tickets in three distinct formats

Adjust orders using Insights and create tickets in specific formats that suit your locational needs. With automatic updates across systems, you can ensure orders are accurate and efficient. 

Review completed orders alongside recent ones

Process and view orders when needed directly on the POS system. With the ability to review past orders and manage updated ones, you can keep track of all orders.